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PixelArt Props

Welcome to the home of PixelArts Props.┬áIt started as a farm kid in Kentucky and then Pennsylvania, building with his hands has always been completely natural to him and where he is the most happy. Be it fixing a tractor, car, truck, or chain motor, Creating delicate metal sculpting or Developing Web or Artistic content or just fixing a computer, it relaxes and inspires him. To feed his creativity, he started shooting photography at 10, he expanded that by adding the skills he learned in high school and college, like AutoCad and Digital Design. Soon he was even learning Prop and Costume design from one of the best and most respected artists in America. Now his list of skills includes Sculpting, 3D modeling, CAD and CAM, CnC, 3D Printing, Casting, Welding, Sewing, Pattern making, and Working in leather. As the the owner of PixleArts Inc, he now provides props and costumes to major motion pictures, Las Vegas Shows and Fashion Events like Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

To Contact us:

Message me on Facebook at or on Instagram or Twitter at @PixelArtsProps OR if you are in Las Vegas and you would like to come by the Studio and see the operation in person come by 980 Mary Crest Rd Unit C, Henderson NV 89014, or call 702-556-3753 and schedule a time.